In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the prevalence and intensity of rape and other forms of sexual violence have been described as the worst in the World 29000 cases of sexual violences between 2011 - 2013 reports (FNUAP), Oct. 2012. With the explanations of the establishment of the ministry organization, the individuals, volunteers are to be considered for charitable purpose resources.

SURVIVING MINDS (Survivre les Ames) wants to be a not-for-profit organization forPschycho Social Center the caring of women, girls and children. We are willing to work in partnerships with individual donors, grants, friends, and corporate contributions, religious organizations, governments, International NGOs, Governments, UN Organizations and Centres for Crime Victim Services to provide funds for our operation.

 Today, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, particularly the eastern region of the country, is known as the rape capital of the world. The law specifically prohibits rape and provides penalties of 10 to 20 years imprisonment for things such as child and forced prostitution, pimping, and trafficking for sexual exploitation. However, the unimaginable cruelty of sexual violence reported in the DRC conflict includes: public rape in front of the family and community, forced rape between victims, the introduction of objects into the victims' cavities, pouring melted rubber into women's vaginas, shooting women in the vagina, and inducing abortions using sharp objects.


Woman victim of sexual abuse, Congo, April 2, 2012



Sexual abuse is not only an unwanted assault on the body, but the soul. A part of a person’s development has been taken away. There is loss, guilt, depression, and a barrage of emotional fallout from being abused. Healing the scarred soul takes time, perseverance, a desire to get better, hope, and the ability to seek out and ask for help. In order to begin this process one must revisit the painful cause. With this comes introspection of how and why we react the way we do in relationships.

Victims of abuse frequently make bad choices in relationships. Many victims of abuse are fearful of disclosure due to the perceptions of others, stereotypes, and labels. When one finally reaches a level of confidence, then a slow process of trusting others will develop. Remember, personal growth from trauma is not a short term process. It is a lifetime dance of healing and awareness. Healing the wounded soul, that we want, takes time and an openness to many treatments methods that not only rely on traditional medicine, but also laughter, meditation, prayer, peer support, individual and group therapy, as it is described here below.

It is the treatment of the whole person in body, mind and spirit. Our mission is the rehabilitation of psychological social economical of individuals and their community, to empower them for development.