What We Do

Surviving Minds (www.survivingminds.ca) is a local and international non for profit organizational charitable registered under the Ontario Corporation laws, Canada. The main office of the surviving Minds is in Ontario-Canada and its international office in Lubumbashi, the Democratic Republic of Congo-Africa. Surviving Minds is a place for Holistic Healing which pays  particular attention spirituality issues as they pertain to health and wellness of indiviuals, couples, families and communities. The Surviving minds offers short and long term therapy. These may include:

. Trauma/Loss as a result of displaced, refugee,  immigration experiences

. Sexual violence, abuse  recovery, relationshipcounseling, focused intervetions

. Narration Exposure therapy

Anxiety, depression and grief concerns

. Music Therapy, play therapy, Art

. Couple, family & relation concerns

Surviving Minds is the trauma survivor’s treatment from the whole person in body, mind, and spirit to the self – reliance. 

This is our first strategic plan and process for a three year period, after that we will develop a new strategic plan, after evaluation, every five years.

To view a copy of the current Strategic Plan CLICK HERE