Who we are

We are men and women, Canadian Citizens, Canadian Permanent Residents, and Congolese’s of the Democratic Republic. We are Christians, religious, pastors, business men, financial managers, and Canadian students. We have banded together to respond to the children, girls, women, and men who have survived traumatic incidents and struggled to be healed in body, mind, and Spirit. We are all the children of God working to help the children of God with humanity services.

 After meditations and prayers an idea came to plan to do an action mission together in the Congo. The collections of means and everything that was needed to build and the Congolese regulations were not easy. Suddenly, one of the members was called to St. Mark’s Evangelical Congregation to be a Pastor. Time passed but the project was not forgotten.

In August of 2011, a board member of the Arusha Medical Centre in Tanzania, and a friend of Gilbert N’senga,  after a phone call discussing about some projects to help African people, Mr. Mungure advised Gilbert to setup a Theurapetical Counseling Centre in Congo to deal with women, where women were traumatized as they are often abused. Projects were suggested; to establish a Therapeutical Clinical Counseling Centre. As Gilbert was taking a Masters Degree in Counseling, he also went to Europe to take a short term training course in traumas focused on rape and sexual assault abuse.

In September of 2011, Gilbert went on to be trained at the VIVO international NGO of the University of Konstanz in  Konstanz, Germany.

Dr. Elisabeth Schauer, Gilbert et Prof. Thomas Elbert

Then in  December of 2011, Gilbert introduced the incorporation of a Charity that will be able to cover ideas and he called it the “SURVIVRE”: SURVIVING MINDS.

On March 30, 2012 – the Ontario Province, Canada incorporated the ONG Charity under the name: Survivre: Surviving Minds under the number#: 1861931

On April 13, 2012 Mr. Aminiel Mungure wrote to Gilbert N’senga as follows:

" Dear Gilbert,

It was great to learn of the milestone this mustard seed idea achieved. I am elated by news and now look forward to the work and service ahead of us. Since the NGO's work will mainly commence in the Eastern side of DRC, I will be willing to provide information/logistics on how the Tanzanian side can assist/facilitate.

The people in East of DRC have had enough share of human suffering and this NGO should focus on easing the humiliation -morally and resource wise. I pray that all will work out well and God bless all of you.

Sincerely, A. Mungure"

  Gilbert N’SENGA is the Reverend Pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and Founder, President & Executive Director of Survive: 'SURVIVING MINDS'. He holds a Master Degree in International Studies in Planning and Urban Management for Developing Countries, from the University of Montreal, Quebec Canada and a Master Degree of Theology - specializing in Therapeutic Counseling from the Wilfrid Laurier University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He also has a Licentiate Diploma in Theology obtained from the Makumira University College, Makumira, Arusha Tanzania [Tumaini University].

In addition to his double Master, Gilbert specializes in various areas including Parenting from the Kitchener - Waterloo 'Counselling' services, Pathways to Social Work at the Kitchener location, and the treatment from the state of post-traumatic stress therapy according to the Exhibition of Narration Exposure Therapy from the University of Konstanz with Vivo NGO, Konstanz, Germany.

In 2002, he will immigrate into Canada from the D.R. Congo and begin his new cultural integration from Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, and Waterloo, Ontario. In 2006, Mr. Gilbert N'SENGA was called to serve as Rev. Pastor at St. Peters Lutheran parish in Ottawa and after a year and half he continued at St. Marc, Wellesley (Waterloo Region), Ontario to continue his faith call in Jesus Christ and his ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada.

To meet the needs of victims of war, a project of psycho socio economics was created. This project targets first: women and girls victims of sexual violence, taking into account all the family and the community.

The project deals with the identification of victims of sexual violence; organized by "counselling" treatment in order to de-dramatize victims including awareness sessions and community supports as well as family mediation and support to all of the socioeconomic requirements for reintegration of victims.